Olixar Universal Tablet Car Headrest Mount Pro

This universal tablet in-car holder will secure your device to your car's headrests allowing you to easily position a tablet in order to watch movies or play games while sitting comfortably in the back seat.
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  • Brand Olixar
  • Olixar
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Why Buy?

  • Universal tablet mount for rear seat passengers
  • Universal tablet mount fitting
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect positioning
  • Compatible with or without tablet cases

Universal tablet mount for rear seat passengers

Entertain your children on long journeys by using the Olixar Universal Tablet Mount, providing a secure mounting solution so anyone who is sat in the back of the car can enjoy the many wonders a tablet device can offer to pass the time.

Watch TV shows and movies, play games or enjoy educational apps. The Olixar Universal Tablet Mount ensures a superb hands-free viewing location for your tablet, providing hours of entertainment for whoever is sat in the back of the vehicle.

Universal tablet mount fitting

The Olixar Universal Headrest Mount is compatible with a wide range of tablet devices, supporting tablets 190mm to 300mm in width - covering the full range of iPads and other popular tablet devices.

Easy installation

To install the Olixar Universal Tablet Mount in your car - position the two front seats so they are in alignment, extend the two arms across the two front headrests, attach with the hooks either end to the headrest's posts and finally lock the two levers for a secure fit.

It is also a simple procedure to place your tablet within the mount, with extendable arms that will grip your device tightly enough to secure it - protecting it with its soft rubber tips.

Note: Headrest posts must be between 500mm - 660mm apart.

Perfect positioning

The Olixar Universal Tablet Mount can switch between landscape and portrait modes with ease. The Olixar Mount features an adjustable 360º ball joint, which allows you to angle and rotate your tablet in a comfortable position for those sat in the rear of your vehicle. This is perfect if you want to adjust your tablet for smaller children or if you need to angle the tablet for a single viewer. Not only that, but you can slide the tablet up and down the mount to position the tablet in either a central location or over to one side.

Compatible with or without tablet cases

Due to its impressive gripping mechanism, you can securely hold a tablet with or without a case on. This allows you to leave many different styles of case on, yet still operate your tablet device when within the mount.

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