Olixar Universal Smartphone Windscreen In-Car Holder Reviews

Keep your smartphone safe and secure in view on your car windscreen with the rotatable and adjustable Olixar universal car holder.
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Does exactly what it says
Great price, great product, wobbles a little when driving but got used to it now
Well made
Best phone holder I've ever had! Great quality and doesn't fall off the glass
Not the best
Had it up on the window about 3 days with the round foam grabs on the front fell off. It also wobbles quite a bit so a bit annoying if you are using phone for Sat Nav. Good grip on the suction cup. Hasn't fallen off the window yet. Not the tightest grip on the Pixel 3A unfortunately.
Best quality
I can't discribe enough this mobile phone is simply the best quality ever I like it alot
Does the job!
I bought this to hold my slightly larger iPhone when I upgraded and it does the job. I chose this flexible neck holder model so that I could position it where I wanted and angle it so that the charging cable can hang down without being bent up against the dashboard underneath, as was happening with my smaller one before. However.... the problem with the neck being longer is that when the phone is clipped into the device, is quite heavy and the whole thing "wobbles" when you are driving. But as I said - it does the job.
Great product, strong grip on the wind screen adjustable neck is nice and firm.
Recommended with a caveat
Works well. The goose neck is stiff and therefore does not move/lose its position. Hasn't detached itself from the windshield despite the short travel stiff suspension of my vehicle. The only downside is it vibrates. Not a major issue for me as positioned close to windshield, but might be for others. NB. Used to hold my phone which I also use as my satnav.
Best recent buy
I bought this for my daughter as she wanted to take the one I had but i am sorry now i did not let her have it as this one is so much better i love it and so does she 10/10
Excellent value for money
This phone holder is the best quality I have used. As I spend a lot of time traveling in my van it is important to have a secure phone holder and this by far is the best quality. Mobile fun were so easy to deal with and for the price of the holder I wasn’t expecting anything wonderful but this was even better than I could have asked for. 10/10
Quite good but could be better
Quite good but you must make sure you squeeze the side levers quite tight or phone falls out.
nice item
Very happy with my product will definitely be using your firm again
Superb product
This fits the windscreen exactly as I wanted it to. No movement from it, and the phone sits really well within it. I really like the easy release.
great phone holder
the locking device is what keeps it in place
Superb product
This fits the windscreen exactly as I wanted it to. No movement from it, and the phone sits really well within it. I really like the easy release.
Excellent phone car holder
So good i bought one for my son!
Good quality & practical
Thanks to the Mobile Fun professionalism who managed the delivery till the end despite some difficulties with the transportation
Perfect for my use
This is the 2nd unit I have bought due to my ham fisted approach to adjusted the first one, breaking it. I tried others but threw them out for being useless. I bought this one again because it is perfect for me. Easily adjusted convenience to place in the perfect position for me. Unlike other units this holds my phone rock solid and shudder free. Previous ones wouldn't hold my phone securely. .I recommend this unit to anyone wanting a quality phone holder
This is the 3rd on I have bought from you
It works well
It works well. If I have any suggestion it would be that the length of the gooseneck was given. Just about an inch shorter than would be optimum for me as I am shorter than most. I bought it because I use google maps and when on my own it was falling off my lap and I couldn't always hear it. This makes it much easier to hear and is stable. I hope to be able to continue to use it with the new legislation.
Phone holder
The holder is perfect
simple to use

the best one ive had so far takes hold of phone easily and hold in place until required perfect,
Very happy with the service on exchanging my original order.
I am pleased with the new phone holder however I find the spiral arm very stiff to move.
So handy
Very adjustable so handy to have very happy with it
Really good value for money. Highly recommend.
10/10 would recommend
Just what I wanted, exactly as it is advertised. It’s flexible and stable at the same time - quite hard to move. But it’s perfect!
The cushions for the phone are so really soft and keep my phone without scratched unlike other phone holders.
Really happy with it!
mobile holder
A well made article which holds the phone most secure and with the flexible arm allows you to position the phone well out of your line of vision. Iam very pleased with the purchase.
Ideal Holder
Firm attachment to windscreen. Clamps phone very securely and easy to adjust in any direction
Great product for the price
I was pleased with delivery time and very easy to put in my car.
Good product.
only ok
Chose to buy this new cradle because my S8 was too wide for my old cradle.

Bought it Feb 2018.

Mid June 2019. I've just finally got rid of this olixar phone holder because the sucker plastic has half torn away from the hard plastic of the suction mounting disc. The weight of the phone and arm basically peels the sucker away from the windscreen.

It's lasted 14 months, which i suppose is ok.

Cradle is working fine. Arm is fine too. It's just IMO a poor design of how the soft plastic of the sucker itself attaches to the rest of the suction mechanism and arm.

The cradle rotates between portrait and landscape and has a small sliding locking latch. It's a bit fiddly though and will only lock at horizontal and vertical (took me a while to work that out).

The feet of the cradle slide outwards, which is a nice touch. Gives support to wider phones and can handle different placements of e.g. headphone jack or USB ports.

The cradle grips (sliding) mechanism is smooth.

Arm is fairly long, so functional in that respect. There's a bit of vibration due the leverage of the long arm. Not too bad though

One of the pads of the side grips (bits that 'hold' phone) came off almost straight away but the glue seemed ok enough to mean i just put it back (it's not come off since but does feel much of the time that it could fall off, when i pull my phone out of the cradle).

So, a mixed experience, really. For all these reasons, I've only given it 3 stars.
Did what I wanted it to do
Worked as expected after making a modification
Smartphone windscreen car holder
Very happy with my purchase makes it far easier when using your maps whilst driving
smart phone holder works well
Great value for money
fantastic product
Works really well, had no problems since installing it!
Excellent product
Excellent product
Quality reliable product
I've had about 5 or 6 different in car phone holders over the years, some stuck on the dash, some clip to the air vents and I've had one other suction one that was sh**

However I found this product to be far superior to others. Literally never drops off the window at all, stuck it on the first time and 6 months later when I needed to take it off that was the first time it came off. The arm that holds the phone is really sturdy too unless you want to move it. really can't recommend this enough, excellent value for money.
I needed a smartphone holder that actually fit the phone... Prior to this I've tried a few different holder's and they just disappointed..... However after purchasing the olixar I am very happy... Thanks...
Works well, strong suction cap, holds position well. I have one in my 4wd and it still holds the phone off-roading.
I purchased 5, one for each of our families cars.
Everything good
Bought this as it is very adaptable and easy to use. Good anchor to the windscreen. Rotation good and length of arm spot on. Delivery was on time and product perfect. Ideal for use as backup gps using your phone
Mobile Phone holder -very good purchase, fast delivery
Very good
A very sturdy piece of equipment and holds the phone tightly
Great stuff
It actually sticks to the window! Bought a cheap one before it and it would fall down before I put the phone in it but this one hasn’t fallen down yet and I have it stuck a good 3 weeks now! Worth the few bob!
exactly what i was looking for
fits my iphoneSE & holds it on three sides. can mount it so that the bottom is touching the top of the dashboard to prevent shaking. reasonable price
Great product
Perfect for my needs and great product
Good functional and sturdy product, I highly recommend it.
Does a Good Job
Sturdy, user-friendly and stays put on the windscreen!
So far so good 1 week in
I’m happy so far but wondering if it will hold on roads that cause vibration in the car as the product does wobble a fair bit on the windscreen
An excellent piece of equipment. Simple andeffective and remarkably good value
I have an unusually wide protective phone cover. I was anxious that the holder would be able to hold it. Absolutely no problem .
Would have liked the flexable arm to be a little longer.
The arm is a little too short.
Phone holder
As described very pleased.
So good I'm buying another
Super useful, easy to set up, getting one for my mum too.
Good one
Its really good device to use. Recommended
Very good
Exactly what I wanted as a product and easy to use
Great bit of kit at a reasonable price
Very useful bit of kit, not expensive either. If you use your phone as a sat nav its much safer than having it moving about on your dashboard or lap or whatever you do. The fact that you can move it about means you can get it right in your eyeline, which is much safer.
Great product
Use it all the time with my iPhone. I would definitely recommend this product.
Cell Phone Holder
It is a great product that keep phone secure inside you car. It is working great,
Love it
All the best
Hi I bought smartphone car holder for mobile fun.com. The product came to my house super fast. And its a very good quality.i am so happy and I recommend this 100.10% thanku fun mobile.
Good value
Very sturdy and so far so good. The flexible arm allows me to change the position especially if the sun shines on my phone screen. Good value for money.
Does what is says on the tin
As normal the service was spot on prompt delivery, item as described no problems. Happy as always thanks
Well worth the money!
Does exactly what it says on the Tin.
It is exactly what I was looking for, a simple, compact holder for an iPhone.
It does exactly what it says on the box. It is what I was looking for and very competitively priced.
Excellent product.
Too much shaking
the phone holder shakes too much, making it hard to read the map the properly.
I got the olixar phone holder and have found it very useful It is well made and adjusts to suit my iPhone 6s The only snag is that it does shake a bit on bumps but I adjust it so it is touching the dash which prevents the shake
Better than the rest
Compared to other holders I have tried the suction cup on this one is very strong so its unlikely to fail when you adjust it. Also the width of the clamp allows the phone with a bulky case to be placed into the holder.
I would definitely recommend this product
I haven’t opened it
I haven’t opened it as it’s a Christmas present.however the packaging on the outside looked perfect ????????????
Satisfied customer
My husband has a similar one which is really good, so I was looking for one like it. It is just what I wanted. I am very satisfied.
Good product works as described
Super cool
Very good and happy as
Reallly pleased. Easy to use n holds phone perfect.
How well it holds the phone.
Not bad but not perfect
I bought this as a replacement for a more rigid holder that broke. The swan neck is useful and the adjustable phone grip works well. However, most phones will extend a fair way over the top of the holder. This, in itself, isn't a problem but the grips don't hold it firmly enough to stop the phone tilting within the grips when tapping the top half of the phone (e.g. when using a sat nav app on the phone).
On the plus side, the description makes no mention of the removable clear plastic cover that sits behind the phone. You can put a picture of your family/dog etc in there for when it's not holding your phone!
My low cost windscreen in-car holder is very useful
I'm using the holder to contain my smartphone which has the app WAZE on it to be used as a sat nav. Excellent! the vibration was a bit of a nuisance but easily remedied.
Dash phone holder
Excellent item easy to attach and detach.
A nice robust holder
Am very satisfied with this product. Was as described on the websight
Nice product
Bit tricky sticking to windscreen but once up held the phone safely.charger moves around quite a lot when driving but easy to assemble and great price.would certainly use your company again
Feed bacj
The service is very good and fast I am happy to used your service
Does what it says on the tin
Great little gadget,now I have somewhere to store my phone. It's strong and secure.
Great piece of kit
Very timely delivery and a very sturdy piece of kit. It sticks to the window well and the arm stays where I put it and it fits well for my iPhone XR
NIce holder
works fin e doesn't get much simpler
Poor product
Not happy with the product at all. It stuck to a windscreen twice and just keeps falling off. Complete waste of money
Really good service. Punctual and item arrived as ordered. Very happy
Detailed description of item along with return policy if unsuitable plus delivery details and cost.
Fit for purpose a realistic price
Description on site was good and correct
Works well
It does exactly what I wanted it to ... securely hold my mobile in a convenient place. Well built.
Very good.
Sturdy holder with a good, long arm that’s not wobbly. Can be adjusted to any angle.
It does the job
Well described in add
The best phone holder for your car
I brought this as the one that was given to me snapped, and this is absolutely perfect, I can move it around to a position that suits me, it has a great grip on my phone and beats anything in the shops in my opinion, I would recommend this to everyone as I think it’s the best. And such a bargain for your money.
Good product
This really is a great phone holder. Great value for money, very pleased indeed.
My opinion only
Have not used yet but looks good
Great work's just fine
It's flexibility.
Bought for a present. Good product. Prompt delivery. Would recommend :)
Not for me
The device doesn't allow a landscape view of my phone and is not secure in the portrait position. If you have a larger phone this device doesn't work.
Great product, exactly what I was expecting.
This product works exactly as described.
It's ok
Nothing but there are no instructions on how to install it.
Very good
This item is the best and very good
Very happy with this
Great product and easily transferable between vehicles
too much vibration
didnt like it at all too much movement on it, is big and bulky on your window screen would not recommend.
Fast delivery, initally appears good quality but broke on first use
Broke on first use and though it is still workable its not as secure
MobileFun Reply
Hi Beth

Sorry to hear it broke on first use. Could you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
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