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Reviews for Olixar ToughGuard MacBook Pro 13" Case (2016 To 2018) - Black

The ToughGuard Case in black gives your MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar the protection it needs without adding any unnecessary bulk. Compatible with models from 2016 to 2018.
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The ToughGuard Case in black gives your MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar the protection it needs without adding any unnecessary bulk. Compatible with models from 2016 to 2018.
 4.7 stars from 12 customers

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Fits OK after a little time working out how it fits..after this not bad
It fits very snuggly to the laptop, weighs practically nothing is slim and looks stylish
Very good - sleek hardcase doesn’t detract from the aesthetic of the product
Just bought this hardcase laptop cover for a recently purchased Apple MacBook 13 inch with touchbar model. It comes in two separate covers one for the top and one for the bottom. In a matte black colour it feels very smooth to the touch & looks sleek. The top cover fits perfectly and gives a feeling of reassurance that the laptop is well protected from any potential scratches etc. I found the bottom cover slightly loose but as other reviewers have pointed there are very little decent covers available for this latest Apple laptop so I’m still giving it 5 stars because of the low price and value for money. It’s a bit like a case cover for a phone I’ve never bought a laptop cover before but certainly worth it if you are worried about scratching or damaging the surface of your very (very) expensive MacBook!
Looks quality, feels quality, is quality.
Exactly what I expected and am very satusfued with it, delivery time wasn’t too bad either!
Perfect fit, awesome feel.
It's not often I purchase a product going on nothing but what others have said about it, but sometimes one has to make an exception. After spendig *only* $4.7something THOUSAND dollars on my technological investment, I figured spending only another $30-50 was a pretty safe move to protect it. I have never previously owned a laptop, and so never had cause to protect one. Where to start? Start at the best. Having read the previous reviews on this page, and seeing the years of research and experience that were behind it, I figured I'd take the plunge and try out the Olixar Toughguard case.

Look no further! This case is brilliant. Lightweight, tough (as the name suggests), that reassuring snap sound as it holds snug around the edges of the laptop casing gives perfect confidence that it won't fall off. There are ventilation holes underneath to allow for cooling, plenty of space for ports, semi-transparent to disguise the whole mac look (less theft risk with a generic look - who wants to steal a cheap knockoff???)...and I even spent LESS than budget.

Do yourself a favour, stop researching, and just buy it! Disapointment will quickly disappear from your vocabulary.
fast shipping. great value for your money!
amazing! great case. :) very hard to find one these days.
Thump up
Just what I needed.
Great looking and functional cover for my MacBook Pro
This case is light, attractive and does not interfere in the way I use the computer. It makes it safer to. carry away on business
Perfect Fit and Durable MacBook Pro with Touchbar Hard Protective Case by Olixar
Since the MacBook Pro with Touchbar 13" laptop is so new, it has been nigh on impossible to find any manufacturer that has made a hard case for it. Since it is very expensive indeed I have been highly reluctant to use it until I find a hard case for it and wince I use Mobile Fun all the time, I was happy to discover that they were amongst the first to offer a quality case for it by Olixar. Now there are also one or two other companies that claim to have made a case for the MBP with touchbar but having wasted both time and money on inferior cases in the past, I placed my order with Mobile Fun straightaway, safe in the knowledge that as soon as the Olixar case was ready, they'd send it out to be, it would fit, and that would be all there was to it.

Mobile Fun didn't have the case in stock when I placed my order, but when I emailed them to ask when they'd have it, they gave me a date and shortly after that date, I got my case by Olixar.

Having ordered two previous cases from Mobile Fun by Olixar, I knew what to expect: High grade materials, perfect fit of the hard case on both the screen part and the bottom part (other cheap cases from a popular auction website fit the screen but the bottom shell fell off or cracked after a day or two), and no sharp or unfinished edges like many cheap cases on a popular auction website from China.

The icing on the cake is that Olixar offer a 2-year guarantee which is unheard of for cases of this nature.

The case was not cheap, but neither was it expensive.
I think for the money, it is worth every penny.
It is slim, fits like a glove and protects the MBP 100%.
I would buy this case even if it cost double the money!

Buy one today, fit it and then forget about it.
I wish everything was as well thought out and designed as this Olixar case. We'd all waste a lot less time and money on the internet searching for the right case for our tech goodies!
Perfect cover
This cover fits perfectly on my my new Mac Book Pro 13 touch. I am very fussy when it comes to these things, and after spending a lot on my macBook I wanted the the best possible cove. Its semi transparent and has a nice feel to it.

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