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Olixar Samsung Note 8 Case Friendly Glass Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 8's screen in pristine condition with this 2-pack of Olixar Tempered Glass screen protectors, designed for full coverage of your phone's screen. This design leaves space for a case too to ensure greater protection.
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Keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 8's screen in pristine condition with this 2-pack of Olixar Tempered Glass screen protectors, designed for full coverage of your phone's screen. This design leaves space for a case too to ensure greater protection.
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Haven't tried it yet
It looks just like the ones I paid extra money for, to have lifetime replacements of. They wouldn't stay on with a case, they'd lift. I have not tried to put one on my phone yet. I may take it to my local phone store to have them try since they do this all the time and would probably be more successful than I would. Would be great if didn't lift with my case. Guess we'll see if it works
Very good product for the price.
Looking for a durable protector and finally I found one. Would definitely buy again and recommend the product to others. Great company too.
Case friendly screen protector BUT screen and keyboard responsiveness reduced. Useable though
Not going to rate this
Both didnt sick well
Fell off within a week.
Good but not perfect
The screen protector for the curved glass has proven to be a challenge for manufacturers. I have tried several and been disappointed. Many of my issues come from the case that I'm using which tends to lift the screen protector. So far this one has worked the best but i still see a line where the curve is and some touch sensitivity problems near the top corners.
Best case friendly protector screen for Note 8
Whether the screen protector worked with an Otterbox Note 8 case. It does without any issues I travel and spend time outdoors and need to protect the phone. I tried 3 other brands of screen protector which did not adhere, or remain adhered to the Note screen. One of those also lost the touch capability. This protector also works with the Spigen Rough Armour case.
air gap
Doesn't sit right,there is an air gap between the protector and display so the response in bad. I should've paid extra for the blue light resin protector that seals the gap for perfect sensitivity.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this screen protector. You need to get the alignment spot on, otherwise even a small mistake will mean the screen protector's sensitivity is greatly decreased.
Love the screen protector. It was easy to install and works with my Zizo case. The screen sensitivity was not affected at all.
Bad touch feedback.
Protects phones screen however picks up scratches quickly and isn't very responsive to touch. Still not sure after 2 weeks if I'll take it off. Shame it costs so much.
Best that I've found
I have went through multiple brands of screen protectors and this is the only one I've found that I am 100% happy with. Fits perfectly and it doesn't want to peel upward like most because of the curved edges.
For such a premium phone and for what it's worth, do not buy this screen protector. It gathers A LOT of dust under the edges where the protector finishes. MOST IMPORTANTLY it's advertised with a OLEOPHOBIC coating which is supposed to repel grease smudges and fingerprints. This is a fingerprint magnet!!!
Cracked within a day!
I held off buying a glass protector because most are very thick. I loved how thin and sleek this is. I placed an order a couple of months ago but finally got around to installing it (I was waiting for my old protector to wear out). It looked really nice. However, within a day of using it, the upper left corner cracked and chipped. Mind you, I didn't drop the phone nor knocked it against anything hard. It was just normal taking out and putting it in a pocket. Yes, it is a twin pack. I can replace it with another one but given the price and it cracking in a day, I am skeptical how the 2nd one will fare. Very disappointed.
Just what I need
Great quality. Disappointed with the delivery because paid next day delivery but received on the third day and i have been told that the item was out of stock. Apart from that i am happy with my purchase.
Even after fitting correctly, the sensitivity was terrible. Had to press very hard at the top, bottom and sides of the screen to activate anything in these areas. Removed it after a very frustrating week.
Feels and looks good but screen sensitivity lost using fingers
The glass screen is slimline and fits a galaxy note 8 very well. My issue with the screen is the loss in sensitivity to touch. However, the screen works perfectly using the pen.
Great value
This two-pack of Olixar Note 8 glass screen protectors is about half the price of other name-brand ones. Installation instructions are a bit scant and the YouTube videos don't mention what to do with all the included parts. Not to worry -- it's pretty simple:

(1) Start by cleaning the screen with the wet wipe, followed by the microfiber cloth, and finally the sticky dust-remover.

(2) Position the protector on your screen, using the alignment tab stickers to create a "hinge" on one side.

(3) Hinge the protector away from the screen, remove the film on the inside of the protector, and stick it in place, using a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles.

You're done!
Starts off okay-ish but gets worse
I have had this since the Note8 was released and I'm still on the first protector. It's easy to install, and that's all of the good points for it.

The bad list follows:

1)Edges are adhesive, so any and all dust/lint sticks to it building up over time. Is impossible to remove.
2)Touch sensitivity starts out bad and gets MUCH worse. I'm now at a point where 2 or 3 inputs are required to register.
3)Doesn't fully stick, so pressing certain areas results in clicks from the protector showing it's not stuck fully.
4)Claims don't stack up in reality.

Would not buy again. I want one that actually adheres to the screen, not sticks around it.
good and great product i ever buy
hai mobile fun i already received my olixar 23 november and installed on my galaxy note 8 today 24 november and my impression.... wow this is great tempered glass i ever buy and is compatible with my ringke air case 100% thank you mobile fun
Line on side of the protector from the glue...
Little disapointment because of line on the side.... Touch is OK. When telephone is off you can see a small points on the glass...
Not perfect but little other option.
Easy to apply and compatible with both Otterbox & UAG Monarch, unlike the Whitestone Dome glass which peels at the corners. Downsides are a) Because adhesive only at edges, screen is far less responsive than with Whitestone. Both tapping the screen & scrolling require firm exaggerated pressure. Secondly b) Screen is a magnet for greasy fingerprints. Little use & it looks like the phone has been handled by a 3yo whilst eating a greasy breakfast with his hands.
I will probably stick with it, since I have spent a fortune trying to match screen protector with case. (Three cases, two screens). The sphere is far from perfect, with the cases mentioned, particularly difficult to match with a functional screen protector. Perhaps Whitestone should develop a protector that is compatible with these 'tighter' fitting cases? I would be one of the first to buy this, if it ever comes to market.
Don't waste your money!
Easy to install and fits well. However, after a few weeks of use you will notice lint starting to buildup along the left and right edges. You will also notice some loss in sensitivity in getting the edge panel to come up in a Galaxy Note 8. The kicker is that I noticed a little hair stuck to the edge and blew on it to remove it. The screen protector came off!!! After examining it I found very little adhesive was used. I would estimate that I used it for a month before this happened.
Great feel, but a tad reflective
The screen protector works well with cases (as advertised), and feels incredibly smooth and tactile. You don't feel as though you are losing the texture of gorilla glass when you use it. It sits snugly on the surface, and doesn't feel bendable. Putting it on is easy, however, you have to be careful with the left right positioning, as its easy to have it lean heavily to one side or another. My only issue, and maybe I'm being too picky, is that it is highly reflective, more so than the phone's screen. I don't remember having this problem with flexible screen protectors.
Very well received
Will see if is fit with Spigen Galaxy Note 8 Case Ultra Hybrid clear
Good but with a few issues
The Good:
1. Easy to install.
2. It is mobile case friendly. I was nervous about it being an issue with my case but it wasn't.
3. No bubbles to tease out.
4. A spare if this one breaks.
5. The anti finger print was terrible to begin with but it has improved. Not sure how that works.

The Bad:
1. My screen doesn't seem to be as sensitive as it was without the screen cover.
2. There are 2 clear vertical lines (one on either side) that run the length of the screen cover as the glass curves. The second cover has these lines too. Not sure if there are 2 layers of covers as there is a matrix of faint dots on the face of the cover that ends at the lines. I found them very annoying as they are very noticeable on white screens and distracting. If there's another curved screen cover without these lines then I would definitely get them. This is a huge negative for me.
easy to install
Excellent product because it's case compatible thin, durable, and easy to install. I am not good at these things but even I could do it. Getting 2 in the package was great because my wife & I have Note 8s. The only negative is there is just a trace of oil or dirt inside the screen protector. Note sure if it was on the underside of the protector or I didn't clean & dry well enough.
Not exact fit
After trying 2 x double packs (4 screen protectors), none of them fitted right and dust gets underneath. 1 or 2 corners keeps peeling off regardless of what I try.
Great protection
Fits perfectly over my screen and with my case on too. Haven't had any issues with the cover so far. Screen very responsive with protector on it.
Works well
This screen protector while it adheres to the edges doesn't collect dust along the sides of the protector unlike others. It is extremely case friendly. Add the fact that you get two.... BONUS
Started out good
The screen was very easy to apply and worked well but I accidentally removed it one night and when I replaced it, it wasn't as responsive to my touch anymore. I have since removed it and may have to put the 2nd one on if I want a screen protector
Recommended. But...
Screen protector is pretty good. And I would definitely recommend it. BUT... Caution must be taken when applying to the screen for if the curved edges don't line up dead centre you risk lifting on one side (even just the smallest lift is enough for dust to stick to the edge and make it prone to cracks if dropped). Lucky with this product you get 2 covers. Also the screen cover has rows of tiny dots which is visible when the screen is off &/or in direct light. Can be distracting/annoying but not really a big deal. Works well with the S pen. Smooth scrolling and registers actions without delay. Also works well with phone covers. I tried 3 different cases by different brands and the screen cover didn't get in the way. Overall this is a great product and would recommend it to any note 8 user.
Broke within 30 days
My screen protector cracked in the first 30 days.
Price value reasonable, elegant, compatible with all cases, no hassle installing the item
I bought 2 box of these tempered glass because my cousin and my aunt are also note 8 users... This item is really nice and easy to install no hassle like other temper glass you need to put some solution or wait for it to dry....The glass itself looks elegant... The pen will work perfectly it won't cause any delay or problems... This item looks durable compared to the tempered glass in my note 3 the olixar temper glass will definitely survived the drop so more likely rugged... They offer a twin pack so for the price its a win....So far I haven't encoutered any problem like its still responsive... If I'm going to rate this item probably 10/5
I guess my phone didn't break...
1 screen protector on my phone cracked in my pocket after about 2 weeks. The other one went on my wife's phone and after her phone went flying off the back bumper of our car the screen protector must have protected her phone from any damage by completely removing itself from her phone. The phone is still great, and nothing happened to the screen protector either, so hence the 2nd star.
This is a great screen protector for the Galaxy note 8 the tempered glass is curved on the edges for the perfect fit and its friendly for most cases
It's such a perfect fit and such a great product that you tend to forget that it's a screen protector. The touch sensitivity is perfect and there is no lag when using the pen or your fingers. This is a great product and 2 came in the pack that I bought.
Problem with the edges
I really liked MobileFun experience (the site, delivery), and would recommend it to others.

The product itself also looked nice. It seems high quality, it fit very nice with my Samsung Alcantara case, the installation was easy.

But immediately after installing the protector, I noticed the edges were dirtorced. I can see a line from top to bottom, on both sides, where the curve starts. The white screen shows colored pixels in the borders,, like there were liquid between the glass. It does not fit exactly the description I found of "halo" in other sites.
I tried to remove it and apply again... same result.

Also, under strong light, you can clearly see the dots pattern all over the screen (glue?). I can't say other are better (since I haven't tried them), but the dots are not nice to see.

Any recommendation? Should I try the second set?
Original product
Shipped on time though no tracking service provided.
Sticky edges ave very visible and collect dust. The sticky edges also ruin the effect of the curve edged screen, I'm sure due to the fact that this is a slightly narrower case friendly display.

Dust also worked its way under the protector after a while. Dot Matrix also really visible on dark screen on sunny days. Clarity excellent in normal interior lighting conditions though.

Not fully compatible
The installation was process was easy and smooth but the cover is not fully compatible front face fully coversed but side curve edge not covering full screen....
Screen Protector
I wish it would cover all the area I had to use my second one because the side of the screen cover keep catching dirt Iight have to buy more
Great product
This protector installs easily. Compared to other protectors, it does not interfere with touch sensitivity.
Easier than I expected
Easier to put on than I expected. It took me a few tries to line it up but I didn't press it into place until I had it aligned. Because its case friendly it doesn't go all the way to the power and volume rock buttons but, a case should make up for that.
Very Good
Good for protecting the screen of my new Note 8. Very Clear, Very Good
Great stuff
Very easy to put it on the screen. Holding good. Saving my screen completely.
Poor fit
Quality seems good, but leaves a dirt collecting overhang on the side edges of the screen, spigen case fits well with the protector though. Touch screen feedback is not great either, I have a few pretty 'dead spots on screen that respond very poorly. Will protect your screen, but at a cost....I will be changing it.
Not bad but let down by supplied installation accesories
I purchased this as an alternative to installing a Whitestone on my Note 8 and while the Olixar glass screen protector itself is OK, I do feel it was let down by the lack of any placement/guide stickers to assist with positioning and installation (all that was supplied was a cleaning cloth, alcohol wipe and a single large blue rectangle of adhesive tape which was rather flimsy).

The lack of guide stickers made the installation a little tricky and it took several attempts at having to reapply/position the protector on the screen before getting it just right. The upshot of this is that the adhesive strip on the left edge of the protector lost some of its integrity and it has collected some dust along this edge that I’m sure wouldn’t have been present if the install had been successful in a single attempt.

The screen protector is compatible with my Caseology case and it looks as it if has enough space to accommodate other brands of case that might cover the edges of screen a little more aggressively.

If you look for it, you can see the micro-dot touch matrix under certain lighting conditions (usually when the screen is off or mainly black, e.g. the lock screen) and although this doesn’t bother me (it is difficult to spot under normal conditions) it might put some people off. The glass is also a bit of a fingerprint magnet which given its supposed to have an oleophobic coating was a disappointing to see.

In day to day use I haven’t experienced any dead zones or loss of sensitivity, the phone responds to very light touches and the screen protector does not interfere with use of the S-Pen. Additionally, I haven’t experienced any flexing, clicking or noticed the ‘rainbow’ effect that many people seem to associate with this type of screen protector.

Overall, it’s not a bad screen protector and I feel happier using my phone knowing there is something in place to help keep the screen from getting scratched. I just wish it had been supplied with some placement/guide stickers or even a plastic frame to help keep it lined up when installing.

Finally, I’d also suggest to Olixar that the peel off protective plastic sheet on the inner side of the screen protector is made slightly easier to remove as the amount of force required to peel it off interferes with keeping the protector lined up accurately during the installation process.
Perfect fit. Easy install. Tried a different screen protector before this one and it had a terrible fit. Not so with this one. Excellent design. No loss of screen sensitivity and perfect fit with my case. 5 stars!!!!

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