Olixar Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S9 screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 2-in-1 pack.
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Works OK, a bit tricky to put on
Not the easiest to put on but works ok
Screen protector
Very good quality and easy to fit a would buy again
Good product
This product was great value, arrived promptly and was very easy to apply! Came with a few extras. Super!
Very good product
Great product had perspective case on before with having touch screen phone was shocking.this product is best I've had on my phone by far had it on now a week no air bubbles and touch screen is great well worth money will be ordering more.
2 in the pack was great, didn't have to worry putting it on and now I have a spare for down the line.
best protection
i absolutley love this brand of screen protectors awesome fit and stick very well and protects screen better than glass ones. highley reccomend
Very good
I but 2nd time this product it's very nice and long lasting
Thus protects the screen but feels a bit rubbery and takes away a bit of sensativity
I dont like using it because it is too 'sticky
seems OK but time will tell
Relatively easy to apply. Seems quite soft . Can't tell how effective it is until it has had some use
Don't like the look on the screen
Better pictures
Very Good Protector
Fits S9 like a glove. Easy to apply.
Screen is Yellow
This screen is yellow. It is not clear. Terrible product and false advertising. I’m now trying to get my money back.
Pure screen protector awesomeness!!!!
Must admit I wasn't confident about finding a screen protector that would actually adhere properly to the S9's curved screen profile but two weeks on and my wife is happy as anything! I've tried a few others, including the more expensive glass protectors, but this is hands down the best so far both, aesthetically but also from a price point too!
Very difficult to get a smooth finish, getting all the little bubbles out. Second attempt slightly better than the first with very slow application but looks terrible. Both protectors now in the bin! Don't bother buying. One star is generous. Not a reflection of mobile fun but stop selling this product as with other reviews, people are wasting money
excellent screen protector
I could not cope with a glass protector as it took away the screen sensitivity to touch. Finding this product has made all the difference. It saved my screen when I dropped my phone face down on a wooden floor and protected it from sand scratches when on holiday. it also does not peel off.
Great value
Good product at a good price
Not worth the money, tine and effort
Bought 2 packs ... first 2 in first pack refused to peel off the plastic top layer, once the main edge was placed on the phone. first one in second pack applied ok but the smoothing that i'd done before removing the plastic top left tiny ridges on the protector, and dust from the bottom plastic layer had got onto the screen. within a day the top edge started peeling because the protector is full length (top to bottom) and i'd missed alignment at the top edge by literally less than a half a millimetre, i.e. verlapping the minute recess between the glass screen and the phone's body.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear about the issues that you are experiencing with this screen protector. Would it be possible for you to contact our customer service department who will be able assist your further?
Perfect quality !!!easy to apply
The screen cover fits ok but comes away from corners too easily.
Also installation stickers could be better at bottom as they stretch the bits that go over ear piece and camera as the top is thin
Not easy to apply
Not easy to get the thin screen cover away from the 1/2 even after watching the video, both ended up in the bucket :-(
Not good - faulty batch?
Usually very good as I've purchased screen protectors from here many times but this particular one for my s9 doesn't seem to stick onto screen and as soon as I peel off the top layer it wrinkles up underneath and then sticks to phone. Wasted my twin pack already. Not happy. Normally very easy to stick on.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Lily

Sorry to hear you are not happy with the screen protectors. Something certainly doesn't appear right here, so please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Much better than a glass cover
This keeps the sensitivity of the touch screen.it is much better than the glass alternatives.
Great thanks! Good value for 2 pack
Sorry but they are cheap come off within days ur probably better off spending a few extra quid and getting s full case or glass protection screen
Not bad
Well packaged, easy to apply but not very strong and provides some protection, however dont expect to get the type of impact protection you may get from tempered glass. To be fair, they do point this out on the install video
Very good for the price
I had a zagg invisibleshield for a few days before it cracked. It also made the screen sensitivity shockingly bad. So I bought this and apart from being a little fiddly to put on, it is miles better at a fraction of the price
Awful quality no installation video
the product did not have the full installation stickers included and there was no installation video available to give guidance on how to best apply the product. very disappointed.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Lisa,

We are sorry that you have found the installation process difficult, here is the video that may be able to help you resolve this: https://youtu.be/WY4K3oIxbvM
If you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to help you.
Easy fit
Designed to be easy to align. So far so good. Not picking up any marks or scratches. More importantly it doesn't interefere with the sensitivity of the touch screen. Also, unlike many other screen covers I've had over the years, all the air bubbles work themselves out from under the cover & so far no sign of the edges lifting.

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