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Reviews for Olixar OnePlus 8 Pro Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Black

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the OnePlus 8 Pro from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the OnePlus 8 Pro from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
 3.7 stars from 33 customers

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Excellent product
Excellent product.. Recommended
Had an issue when initially receiving the case + tempered glass screen protector as the glass had cracked in transit.
Mobile fun were good at sending out a replacement but with better packaging.
However after 3 weeks the protection has cracked - this is without any significant impact.
Pros :
- protector has a good fit on my OnePlus, even on the curved edges
- customer service was responsive
Cons :
- shatters too easily - over fragile
- reduces sensitivity of fingerprint sensor.
Good value, but...
Due to the curved edges makes installing pretty fiddly. I found i had to remove it 3 times to place the protector in the correct place
I'm totally satisfied with this product
Thanks for the replacement
Perfect fit
Easy for, perfect fit
Great protection and no problem with touch screen.
I tried a different tempered glass protector for my phone but the thumb lock wouldn't work, so I got this one and was really happy with it. The touch screen is unaffected by the screen protector.
Only the black rim around the edge is sticky not the actual screen protector itself so got dust behind it and became loose after literally a day or less. Do not buy terrible product for the money. Garbage.
Its now what I wanted originally..all now OK. Many thanks. J.g. N.
Perfect Fit
Excellent Quality product
That it did the job
Didn't Hold On the Screen for more than 2 Days
Didn't Hold onto my Phones Screen for more than 2 days without just randomly falling off, no Drops or anything, just fell off, and the fingerprint sensor was a nightmare and hardly ever worked, even after Resetting up my fingers with the tempered glass applied, its in the bin now
It worked
Does the job well
Durable but terrible for one plus 8 pro
First, I love tempered glass screen protectors. They provide the max amount of protection with the feel of a normal screen. I looked on many sites to find a quality screen protector for my curved screen that would cover the full screen but most importantly keep the screen sensitivity. Unfortunately the description and reviews on this product were not accurate.

The truth is the protector is perfect for protection and coverage but fails on sensitivity. The brand is proud to say that the protector will allow the finger print scanner to be unaffected while using the protector but that is false. Like every other screen protector that only has an attachment surface on the edges this protector caused a severe loss in sensitivity. I've installed many screen protectors so I know I did right. The reason for the loss sensitivity I believe is that the glue is only on the sides and very little of it on top actually attaches to the phone. I even went from the mid to outsides of the phone with plenty of pressure to see if maybe I'm just not hitting those key areas. Sadly the fingerprint sensor worked but it would take like 10 tries to actually work even after resetting it with my protector in place. Also on a positive note the protector left no bubbles or micro scratches on screen.

Apologies for the long review but after waiting a month to receive this product. I wished I was given a warning or something that extended times for US shipments may happen. Plus my product failed at the job it was suppose to do. No fault in mobile though. Honestly if you made it this far, get tpu screen protector. For the one plus 8 the phone is crazy sensitive and a tpu protector is the only thing that will truly capture that unless you get a tempered protector that doesn't fully cover the edges. Your choice but I've had 0 issues with my tpu and would highly recommend it for curved screens. Thanks
I'm not sure how good this is as I didn't realize that the oneplus8 had a screen protector already installed
I can't give positive or negative review of this screen protector as I accidentally installed it with the pre-installed screen protector still in place. The screen protector was fine to start with until I used the phone in the rain and water got under the glass and it had to be removed
Good glass, but didn't fit my phone perfectly
The projector glass never adhered properly because it wasn't machined accurately enough to fit in the corners, and so the protector pushed itself away from the phone. It also didn't match the picture entirely. It doesn't have the cut out at the top or for the front camera
Not what I thought i ordered
I would have liked it the couture was accurate, the image shows a screen protector with a cutout for the speaker and a cutout for the camera - these are apparently not present in the product I received. The protector is also smaller than the screen itself, making the ugly black border around the outside cut off the top bottom and sides of your screen. Gestures are now too fiddly and will not work properly with protector attached. All in all, pretty shoddy product. Would not recommend
Hmm needs work
Now if you like your screen to be tactile and responsive then don’t get it because the thumb print takes a few attempts to unlock and it gets annoying after the 100th time and the edges of the screen there is like a line which distorts the colours, which must be just.partbof the manufacturing process, , work in progress just not their yet
Much better than any others
I bought like 3 other screen protectors from amazon and they were all rubbish and kept coming off and stuff. this one is the best
Easy to apply and looks good. Does make to screen far less sensitive and therefore you need to press quite hard so it is annoying. I will be looking to change it in the near future if I can find something better.
This has to be the BEST screen protector I've ever bought, and the only one that never bubbled on me!! It is really good quality. Would highly recommend this brand and will be recommending this to my friends and work colleagues.
The best glass I have found on the market so far. I ordered from the China before but there is no comparison at least for now in the UK and oneplus 8 pro. Thanks
Screen sensitivity adversely affected
The protector went on flawlessly. However, it soon became apparent that touches were not being recognised. As a result, I threw it away after three days.

I think the issue is that there is only glue around the edges.
Easy to fit and works
A few days after fitting it to my brand new £800 phone my phone fell out of my pocket while cycling and skidded along the road. The screen protector was cracked all over but there was barely a scratch on the phone. This has probably saved me hundreds of pounds. I bought two more so I have a spare.

It was easy to fit with no bubbles. The curved edges are well engineered. When I fitted the second one I had a slight problem with the responsiveness of one corner of the screen but this seems to have resolved itself after a few days of settling.
Not great
It seemed to go in fine no bubbles and gaps either side so the fit was nice but it had a small nic on one side bit of trouble with the fingerprint scanner working and a couple of weeks later I had some dust or something get under the protector on one corner so ended up removing it. Still looking for a good protector for the one plus 8 Pro.
Excellent tempered glass and easy to apply
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