Olixar iPhone 8 Edge to Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

This ultra-thin full cover curved tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 8 from Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package. Features complete edge to edge screen protection.
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Excellent protection
Phone fell out of my pocket unto sharp gravel and shattered the screen protector.
When I removed it to fit a replacement the phone screen was untouched.
Well worth it in my opinion.
Not fitted
The ordering process and delivery of the Screen Protector was excellent however, I am unable to rate the fitting and suitability as this has yet to be done.
Perfect fit
Yes, expensive but this is a perfect fit, never worry how hard you have to push to get the air out. This works!
Excellent service and accurate detailing.
Arrived in good time , intact and well packaged and as advertised.
Excellent product
I wasn’t sure whether an edge to edge protector would be bulky or not but it is the best protector I have tried. It fits with a case no problem and it is virtually impossible to tell that it is there
Good quality but black edge intrudes on screen
I would have liked to know that the vertical black strips on the sides of the protector obscure the extremities on both of the screen's sides. Looks like the design doesn't quite fit the phone's specification.
Great product.
This fits my iPhone 8 perfect and protects it from falls and any other damage. I would recommend this to any one looking for good protection for your mobile phone.
Excellent Product
Olixar make good accessories. This is another great product. Easy to attach, and no problems with putting the case back on afterwards. Full marks also to Mobile Fun for their great selection of products and excellent shipping times.
Can’t fault it!
Unlike many others, this protector covers the whole screen and has curved edges conforming to the shape of the underlying screen.
It comes luxuriously packaged and feels of premium quality with all you need to apply it. It sucks itself onto the screen without risk of air bubbles. Just be careful when using the sticky tabs to position the protector - it’s all too easy, having aligned it perfectly, to then misalign it because the tabs stick to your fingers.
I’m buying another to keep as a spare.
Fantastic product and genuinely edge to edge.Highly recommended
Fantastic product. Genuinely edge to edge, easy to apply and can’t really tell that it’s on. Highly recommended
Despite the instructions, this was not the easiest screen protector I've ever had.
I followed the instructions carefully but found it very difficult to get rid of all the air bubbles In fact, I still have a couple
Fantastic quality and easy to apply
I was a little bit sceptical about buying a glass screen protector mainly because of its lack of flexibility when applying it to the screen might have resulted in a ton of bubbles appearing. Thankfully this wasn’t the case! I’ve not seen a screen protector go on so easily with no bubbles in the past.

Once the protector was on I noticed a few specs of dust I’d missed when cleaning the screen - it was very easy to remove the screen protector, clear the dust and reapply the protector with no problems.

One thing I really like about this screen protector compared to the others I’ve used in the past is the fact that it curves to wrap around the whole screen. There aren’t any rough edges on the sides as with other protectors so it’s easy to forget you’ve even got a screen protector on the phone at all.

The only down side I’ve noted is that the cut-out for the home button does have rough edges. It would have been nice if they could have tapered the glass here so it sat flush against the glass of the screen but that’s only a minor criticism.

Other than that it’s a great little screen protector. Very easy to apply and readjust if needed.
Perfect fit
I purchased this screen guard to protect my phone from accidental bumps and scrapes. It fits my iPhone 8 perfectly and is a very good investment. The home button surround feels a little sharp at first but don’t hesitate, it’s money well spent.
Fantastic protection, fantastic looking screen protector.
This is a perfect way to protect your iPhone 8 without compromising the look and feel. It covers the entire screen, including the curved edge and fits beautifully with the slimline case I have on my phone. An excellent screen protector.

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