Olixar CD Slot Mount Universal Case Compatible Car Holder Reviews

Safely and securely mount your smartphone in your vehicle with the easy-install CD Slot Mount Universal Car Holder from Olixar.
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Great phone holder
I’ve bought cheaper phone holders that have been absolutely rubbish so thought I’d spend more this time and hope for better quality. This is worth the money, sturdy and phone stays safe . Easy to fit. Delivery was quick too
Clever gadget
This came in a box without instructions but fortunately it was easy to put together and it slotted into the CD player easily and securely. It holds my mobile without difficulty. It looks a bit unsightly but it can rotate and be adjusted to be in the right place for your line of vision, which is the most important thing.
I would have wanted to know that I could mount this holder without obscuring the view through windscreen. This fitting does exactly that .
Very good
Great product. Solid and stylish.
Good purchase
Excellent for the job. Tidy. However it’s a shame that the plastic nut broke on my first one. The rest was pretty much solid. Any spare plastic nuts would be a good move!!
very stable, perfect position in VW Beetle
suitability for particular cars would have been useful to know but it's very stable in VW Beetle.
Sturdy but the fixing presses on CD control buttons
Good, sturdy device with supplied extra fillets of plastic to bulk it up inside the CD slot (for thicker slots). Holds the phone with stability and device can be angled as required with its ball connection. As shown in the advertising picture, the phone needs to be gripped near the base to avoid the arms activating the side buttons of the phone. When driving, the top, unsecured part of the phone does vibrate a little. Although CDs are supposed to be able to be played while the device is fitted, I am not too comfortable about trying this since the thick housing that sits outside the CD slot presses on the middle two CD control buttons - and keeps them depressed. Obviously this is an issue for my particular CD player, and most people, hopefully, will have differently designed players.
Good quality holds iPhone 6s+ tight
I bought this without checking my truck unfortunately because I have a fitted VDU the holder would get in the way...
That it had a better phone gripping capability.
Olixar cd mount hlder
My phone does not have a flat back so it does not fit as it should but is quite secure
Didn’t really fit properly
This didn’t really fit in our Volkswagen Golf’s CD player slot. Once we broke some of the plastic off it did finally fit in and seems stable enough.
Didn't work out like I had hoped.
Didn't work out as I had hoped. A few things. The CD player is directly about our back up camera which made it just about impossible to use the camera even if the phone wasn't attached. The other issue that I had was with the adjustable arms that actually holds the cell phone. They never seemed to have a good grip on the phone itself, no matter how many times we reattached the phone. Maybe I just got a bad unit with defective cell arms. Unfortunately, It was less expensive to keep the item than it was to ship it back for a refund.
Great item
Great answer to a problem viewing my phone in the car.
Easy to fit, easy to remove.
Works but mount attachment is loose
Would of liked more details on the mounting.
What a fabulous find!
I didn't realise such a device existed until a friend said that it was a pity I couldn't mount my mobile phone using Google maps onto the dashboard. So I search and found it! It's so easy to install/uninstall and holds my mobile secure and it's adjustable!
Excellent product
This is brilliant! Holds mobile phone simply and effectively without need for fixtures. Easy to fit and remove if want to put a new CD in place.
Mobile CD phone holder
Item description correct arrived on time . More than happy with item.
Would use again.
Thank you
Sturdy base, flimsy clamp construction
The base of the unit is solid and nice and secure in the slot. That bit I like. However, the socket for the ball joint is only screwed onto the clamp with a small screw. This failed pretty much straight away. I didn't bother sending back for refund as on the whole I like the product. A bit of gorilla glue has fixed the socket to the clamp mechanism and looks good for now.
It works perfectly and is easy to set up.
Works well
It fits well, into the cd slot. Easy to view the phone from this position.
Top notch, after some skepticism.
I love my Olixar CD slot Phone holder. However, I did not realize I was ordering from “over the pond,.” When I did not get my usual 3 day delivery I have come to expect, I got a little miffed. I apologize for my impatience, you did well getting my holder to me within a couple weeks.
Excellent phone holder. I bought it after reading one reviewer rating it high for Mini's and happy I did. Great quality, very easy to install and really is perfect for Mini, sits in ideal position. I'd imagine it'll be great in any car if using the CD rom is the best possible option.
Also thanks to MobileFun. It was my first purchase with them, placing an order was super easy and delivered super fast. Cheers!!
Great Value
Does exactly what you want it to do - adjustable size, sturdy, easy to rotate and holds the phone well. Much safer having phone anchored to CD player rather than blocking part of the windscreen
Better than expected
Simple to fit and use. No instructions needed.
Does rattle a bit.
New car
I bought this for a new car I don’t take delivery for three weeks but first look it is certainly a quality item
Great gadget
Solid, well made, fixes firmly. Far better than previous holder stuck to the windscreen, perfect solution given that the cd is never used (car has usb port for music).
Great for my Mini Cooper
I was having trouble finding a phone holder that would fit in my mini without it getting in the way and this is perfect for that! I don’t use my CD player so it was wasted space anyway. It grips in really well and holds my phone even with a pop socket on the back of the case
This is my second one of these phone holders. The first one simply wore out through constant use. Ultra easy to set up and it has the advantage that you don't roast your phone in front of an air vent or block part of your car windscreen.
Nothing. This is my second one.
A Perfect Solution
I'd bought several phone holders in the past but none were good enough to carry on using. This holder is perfect. Really solid. It even takes my phone with its wallet case on.
Does all expected of it .... very sturdy
Shame it still comes loose.
Holds quite well but does come loose. The triple charger not here yet?
Does what it is advertised as doing, which is good.
The exact minutes to max phone widths it can adjust to
Does the job
Fits perfectly in the CD player of a citroen berlingo
Well worth it
Great product, works well in my car.
Well designed
I like this design and it hold my Huawei 20x very well.
Well designed
Easy to put together, it fits snuggly into the cd compartment. It twists easily in every direction. Good all round product.
Very practical and well made
Every day use, very good
absolutely ideal.
No vibration, adaptable to various car fascias. easily adjustable to different phone sizes and viewing angle, can work with phone in landscape or portrait alignment. Assorted components to allow for adaptation to various c.d slot situations. Not the cheapest of devices, but neither are the phones nowadays and it is a worthy component of in-car telephone use.

Good fit
Fits my 2009 cmax perfectly
excellent cell phone holder
if info was clear and it is everything it claimed. I am very happy with my cell phone holder. have recommended it to all my friends.
Buy it
I bought this with very low expectations for a Chevy Cruise, mostly cue to the extra material at the bottom of the CD mount. I really did not think the grip for the phone would work well and planned on modifying it with another mount. However the mount was way better than I expected. Warning in the Cruise, it completely blocks the radio controls except for the volume. That works for me as I only use the aux mode for input from another device so the volume is the only radio control I have ever used. The phone holder is way better than expected and am very happy with it as is.
Buy it
I bought this with very low expectations for a Chevy Cruise, mostly cue to the extra material at the bottom of the CD mount. I really did not think the grip for the phone would work well and planned on modifying it with another mount. However the mount was way better than I expected. Warning in the Cruise, it completely blocks the radio controls except for the volume. That works for me as I only use the aux mode for input from another device so the volume is the only radio control I have ever used. The phone holder is way better than expected and am very happy with it as is.
Very good
I bought it knowing it was suitable.
This is by far the best car holder I’ve bought. I can position my phone to face me, so that when using it as a satnav I only have to glance momentarily because it’s facing me... perfect. It also accommodates my phone case with plenty of room to spare, should I go for the bigger iPhone XS Max.
Very good
Happy with product and service
Excellent product
Simple to slot in and use
Works well
Like how the arms are tilted inward so i can slide my phone in .
Does what i wanted
Does not work in Ford C-Max 2015
Looks good but does not securely fit the Ford C-Max 2015 - works loose and falls out. Also the phone grip mechanism does not work well.
Almost perfect
Great product, wanted something to replace my olixar vent phone holder which was great in the summer but now it's colder the heat from the vent makes my iPhone very hot, the CD mount fits very well in my ford C Max, the only minus point was the bottom of the cd holder slot wasn't open enough for the charging/sync cable but was able to swap it with the vent one
great buy
the add said it all
This is the perfect solution for my iPhone. Really easy to put together, seconds to set up in the car. Grips the phone really well without damaging.. easy to remove, so portable if you’re changing cars. Perfect. For the price, this is amazingly good.
Bought as Xmas present.
Will leave review in new year as bought as Xmas present, so not been used yet.
Great cell phone holder
You do wonder about the durability but using it for several months they do the job. Seeing is believing.
not too bad
This system is not too bad, though for Aussie buyers the products come in from overseas.
the phone holder has a little more reach so it has a bit of bounce.it works not too bad
Great Product
I am tired of screen sticker holders which fall off the screen, usually at a critical moment. This holder can not fall off! It is held firmly in the CD slot. I have a wide phone and it is held easily by the variable slide. My problem is solved. Not suitable if you still use the CD slot.
Awesome phone holder!
Product was exactly as described and so simple to install. It comes with spacers for the CD player but I didn't have to use them, it has a push down lever lock that is very sturdy, multi angle positioning and the base where your phone sits on has an opening that allows your charging cord to fit through for those phones that charge on the bottom, the holder has rubber grips to keep your phone steady and in place and a button to release the phone is easily done one handed, it does not obstruct your driving visibility at all. I'm very much pleased with purchasing this product and would highly recommend it.
Very good
Just as good as I hoped it would be
Just right
I was not using the disc slot so this phone holder was the solution for my need.
The best car holder on the market
Easy to install and is incredibly sturdy. Highly recommended.
Brute force and ignorance
It would help to have CD compatible slots listed if possible. I eventually got it in the slots but it required a bit of brute force and ignorance.

Works a charm for the note 9 and hefty case all the same.
Love it
Really good quality and sits well in the CD player. Holds my galaxy s8 plus really well.
Would recommend.
Know before you buy...
Interestingly, the product comes with no instructions. No paper, no information on the packaging. I couldn't even find any information on the Mobile Fun website. You have to guess how to assemble it. Most of it is pretty self-explanatory, except for the three little pieces that came with it. I still don’t know what they are for. My guess is that they are spacers, because they are identical, except for the width. They perfectly fit on top of the “lip” (not sure about the correct term) on the mounting part of the holder (base) that fits in the CD slot. If you put a piece on that lip, it will become thicker. I have no idea why you would need a spacer. The CD slot is thin enough for the base. In fact, the CD slot on my car turned out too thin. The base just won’t fit in it. As I was trying to insert the base in the CD slot, the screw that attaches the arm to the cradle came out of the plastic stripping the thread. The screw is way too small. I was able to fix it by replacing the original screw with a screw about twice as thick and almost twice as long.

The phone is held in the cradle by rubbery brackets on two sides. If you squeeze them together really tight, the grip is snug, but it's not very easy to achieve that with one hand. It would be better to have a button at the back of the cradle so that the brackets would snap closed as you push the button with your phone. For a long time, I didn't know there was a foldaway support at the bottom—again, because there are no instructions. As I was writing this review, I looked at the pictures of this phone holder on the Mobile Fun website and noticed that it has a bottom support. However, the position of that support is not adjustable, and the side brackets may cover the buttons on the sides of the phone.

Releasing the phone is not easy with one hand, either. The release button is hidden behind the phone and not easy to reach, especially if the phone is wide. To push that button, you would have to reach behind the phone with your finger, or even with your thumb if you have a steering wheel on the right side and have to do it with your left hand.

To summarize:
1. No instructions.
2. Base too thick.
3. Flimsy screw holding the cradle.
4. Bottom support not adjustable.
5. Not easy to operate with one hand.

Still, I like the idea of using the CD slot for mounting the phone holder. The arm is short enough, providing limited bouncing. If it fits in your CD slot, I would recommend it. Just make sure your CD slot is in a convenient location and the phone will not block access to any controls or interfere with the gear stick.
Very useful gadget
Fits perfectly in 2014 Prius and lets CD play and does not obstruct Satnav screen too much either
Works perfectly
I wanted something that would fit my new note 9 and this does it perfectly. It feel safe and skits into the CD slot with different fixings.
I'm very pleased with it and would recommend it and the price was also very good.
Thank you
The best phone holder I've used.
I was a little sceptical when I read the description, a lot of Chinese produced accessories are useless, this one breaks the mould.

It is a good fit, easy to install and holds the phone firm.
Good product
A little tricky to figure how the phone clips on and stays in place to start with but no problems once figured out. A very useful and safer alternative for people who have a Ford Fiesta with the awkwardly placed air vents where a lot of phone holders are made to be placed in. Quick delivery and good service
Value for Money
Great device very strong and sturdy
Holds phone well
Holds Huawei P Smart securely in cd slot which is set high on dash.
very good item strong and well made item does everything you need from a phone holder would highly reccomend
Item was better than description doesn’t happen very often
Great little gadget
All details were on the site. There was nothing else I needed to know.
It Works
I read the negatives online about this not being secure so bought one to test and it worked just fine as long as I adjusted the fit with the supplied spacers. It will fit either way up and this helps to position the phone out of line from necessary components such as buttons or reversing screen etc.

It worked so well on all my three cars that I have now bought one for each of our three cars (Mercedes SL, Toyota Prius and Hyundai i30).
Good with one flaw!
This is a good bit of kit that doesn't rattle (although the jaws have to be firmly shut if there is no phone for that to be the case). It wobbles a little with a phone in it on bumpy roads but it is still the best that I have seen.
The reason why it doesn't get 5 stars is that the jaws clamp around the phone too far so that significant portions of the screen are hard to get to. You can see them but if you need to touch it there - that is the problem. A button in a nav app is my problem. Any phone without some kind of bezel around the screen is going to have this problem. I am going to try and find some soft rubber to go in there to reduce the problem and maintain the excellent grip because everything else is damn near perfect.
Does the job perfectly
I would have like to know if it works in a Ford Focus CD player, and it does
Car phone holder
Great item worth the price
Good value
Only used it a few times. It’s great so far.
Too flimsy
Its to flimsy the holder vibrates when driving so its hard to read screen at times
First rate product
Does what it's meant to do works well and solid when in place with little movement have recommended to others who are going to buy
Works well
This item is easy to assemble and fit in to car. In the short time I have used it, it has performed well.
Value for Money
Good communication, prompt delivery. Exactly as described.
Great idea
This is a super price of kit. Such a good idea as the holders that fit into the air grill don't always face the right way.
This is by far the best I've seen
Very impressed
This holder is really good and does away with those awkward suction pads that stick on the windscreen. This holder fits into the CD slot very easily and makes the screen lower so as not to obscure the windscreen. I am very pleased with it and would have no hesitation in recommending it.
I recently bought this phone holder from mobile fun and it is excellent value for money. It's easily mounted in the CD slot and holds the phone very well. Can be removed easily as well. I would definitely recommend this item to anyone
cd phone holder
nothing item as described very happy
A product not commonly available in the many high street shops and a great alternative to the windscreen sucker.
Brilliant Mobile Phone Holder
This is in my opinion the best phone holder on the market as it just slots into the cd slot in your vehicle which I prefer to those that you mount on your windscreen or dash. And they have also included in the kit 3 different thickness spacers just to make sure that it fits snug and tight in your cd player but I found I didn't need to use these as it fitted perfectly in mine. Once you insert the holder into the cd slot there is a lever on the underside that you just pull down to lock it in place so it doesn't come out. Highly recommended AAAAA+++++
Fits perfect in my cd player. Easy go install and pretty stable holder!
A bit flimsy and wobbly
Not that impressed with the item as it's a bit wobbly and flimsy to be honest.
very good
This is a much better item than the previous Olixar dash mounted , as they haver lost their addison quality, this just slips into the cd and bobs your uncle, much better
‭the best car phone holder ever invented
Fits perfectly into CD slot..easy to take in and out CDs can still be played. Centre dash is about the best place for the phone holder. No falling off the screen and no damage to air vent slots, as with air vent holders
Spring locking very weak
I was well pleased with the product at first, but then the spring mechanism holding the phone in place gradually became awkward to set and has since completely failed, rendering the item utterly useless, having been used very infrequently.
Not robust - not recommended.
Great Product
This is a really useful mobile phone holder that slots perfectly into the CD slot. It comes with a couple of extra clips in case your CD slot is wider but I didn’t need them. There is a flip clip underneath that locks it securely into the slot. The grip on the phone is good and expands easily for all devices. Overall I’m really pleased with it and a good price.
Exactly what I was looking for, sturdy and holds my iPhone no problem.
This will not fit a Ford Focus Titanium
This is a reasonable quality holder and would be ideal except it is not universal.
It simply is not compatible with the Sony audio in my 2012 Ford Focus Titanium.
I'll keep it until I get a car that it will fit but until then I sourced an alternative.
Does the job but there are reasons i would not buy another
good strong clamp and fits nicely in the CD slot however I do have some issues:
my phone charges from the bottom so I cannot use the clip down rest to hold the shone high as shown and it does slip down over time.
There is a fair bit of bounce in the whole set up as the phone is actually on quite a long cantilever
The phone obscures the radio display in my car.
Super sturdy, very impressed!
This holder simply slots into the CD player of your car and you lock it in place with the lever and it's secure and sturdy. I have an iPhone 6 Plus and the holder opens wide enough to easily slot my phone in. There is an opening at the bottom so you can fit your charger through too. You can either sit your phone upright or sideways for easy viewing. This has caused absolutely no damage to my CD player whatsoever and it really does work like magic. Highly recommended!
Not bad quality but sometimes come out when turning vehicle
Fits snugly
Fits snugly into CD Slot. The only problem is nothing to do with the item itself its more to do with the position of my CD player in relation to my gear stick. Its close and keep catching it when I change gear but with an adjustment to my hand position while changing gear its ok. Just got to remember my hand position when doing so.
Love the product, but.....
This is a great product. As previous reviews have said it works really well, the clip holds the phone securely and it locks into the opening of the CD player easily and safely. My only issue was the length of time I took to receive the item. 5-7 working days was specified initially, I contacted the company after 14 who advised that it may take up to 20 working days and it arrived on the 20th day. Too slow!
This product was purchased for a Merc A Class. I found it to be strong and well made but somewhat awkward and in the way. It is large and might be in the way of other buttons.
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