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Reviews for Official Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G Aramid Standing Cover Case - Black

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This official Samsung protective standing case in black is designed with amarid fibre to provide premium protection for your Samsung Z Galaxy Fold 2 5G. The case includes an integrated kickstand at the back to provide convenience watching videos.
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Discontinued  - not available for purchase

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This official Samsung protective standing case in black is designed with amarid fibre to provide premium protection for your Samsung Z Galaxy Fold 2 5G. The case includes an integrated kickstand at the back to provide convenience watching videos.
 4.1 stars from 24 customers

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I would recommend to friends
beautiful, thin, useful and easy to use.
Overall, I am satisfied about the product
Ok so far
Order delayed and no date in sight!
Very disappointed it is almost 3 weeks since I ordered the case for almost $100 and my order has not been shipped yet! I am told it will take indefinite time and that is absolutely not acceptable. I require an immediate refund rightaway!
Good not good enough
I love this case, but.... There is only one piece!!!! It really pisses me off that samsung only dose the one side and charges you a arm and a leg for it!! Other then that I love it and makes this device feel more complete when holding it an propping up.
Slimline good looking protection but only for half of the phone
Great looks with the added bonus of a kickstand. Also ridged sides for the main camera module so there is some added protection there. However, be aware that this only covers the back of the phone when folded up. There is no protection for the front display side.
Good quality case
This case gives basic protection to the back of the device. Do not rely on this case only. Purchase additional protection on the front. Also phone still feels slim and has good feeling to touch.
Wait a moment
Is this a 1 piece or two piece cover. The pictures are decptive. A one piece cover is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME
Somewhat happy at least half the phone is protected
If it had more then one piece
Super thin case gives added gripe and kickstand
This Samsung case is definitely quality, nice protection for the back of the phone and kickstand which is great for watching videos. There are some cons though, this material is a finger print magnet, I am constantly cleaning it. But still missing a front display cover. I would love to see this case in wallet design with a magnetic pull off cover for the front. this way you can protect while carrying and then either flip open the front cover or pull it off completely to get it out the way of some of the features of the phone it would interfere with. For the Price I think it should be a little more than want it is. Hopefully someone will design something that soon. Lost 1 star due to no front protection, but the case is quality and I new what I was buying at the time.
Awesome Case and Fits Perfectly
This case fitted perfectly and added little to no weight to the Z fold. The Z fold is my daily and I can say this case feels and looks great. The case has a raised lip over the camera so that adds great protection to the lenses when you set it down on any surface. The kickstand is very sturdy and doubles as a hand rest when viewing things in tablet mode while holding the phone. When placed on a surface with the kickstand, it holds the phone perfectly, no wobbling or uneven viewing. This lightweight case is a great accessory addition for Z fold owners that adds protection and doesn't take away from comfortability when used in the hands.
Cheaper than Samsung on their own product!
High end quality, fits like a glove, and provides excellent protection! Highly reccomend!!
Neat looking case but...lacking??
Be warned, wireless charging is affected, wireless charging still works but it is extremely annoying now and if it's not perfectly positioned it will not charge. I've woke up to a 20% charge multiple times now and I have 2 different style wireless chargers.

Really neat looking case with the kevlar/carbon fiber however it is extremely minimal as far as actual protection. Seems to be more of a kick stand option rather then true drop protection. I'm sure it would help avoid scuffs if you had a small drop but beyond that I don't think this case is going to help you much. It does feel really good in the hand however and there's multiple positions to use the kickstand in different orientations which is nice. For the money, I feel there's better options, but still a nice case. If it was priced between 30 and 40 it would still be over priced but I'd feel better about having purchased it.
Beyond Expectations!
First and foremost I’d go to say Mobile Fun is amazing for having this before they launched. I bought this case for my Z Fold 2 5G because nothing else was available, and I wanted something protective with a kickstand. This blew me out of the park with how reliable and useful it is. The kickstand works in folded mode as well as tablet mode! It also takes a good bit of force to knock it off the hinge, and this case being made of aramid fiber, it’s durable as heck! Kudos to Samsung for making a reliable, durable case that, while is expensive, works fairly well in the day to day protection.
Great and fast shipping
It does what is says it does
Great cover
It's a great cover for my Z fold 2
It's a shame they don't make a matching front surround
Great minimalist case
Mobile fun is great to shop with. Had this case available quickly when it was sold out everywhere. I just wanted some protection for my z fold2 until better more protective cases are available.
Great case for the back
I thought it would take forever to receive but actually got to the UNITED STATES fast. Maybe 10 days. Great product. I absolutely love this case
I like new case
Great case
Great case but no front protection
Good. But no protection for cover scree.
Nothing as described on website.
Not worth the cost
Don't know if that other review is really supersaf, but personally I only got this case as there was nothing else. It is good quality for sure, but protection forget it, only covers the back of the phone. If the phone was to fall with this case on, I hope you are insured. Kickstand positioning is minimal, pretty much 1 position. For the cost not worth it, if you can wait you won't regret.
On the positive, the case has a nice feel, perfect cut-outs. Choice is yours.
Thin Fit Case Designed for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
The case designed to provide optimum protection for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, this official protective case is made with aramid fiber offering maximum Drop Protection. This means that the case has been extensively drop tested, without any damage being caused to the Z Fold 2 5G, so you can feel reassured that your device is well protected.
Thanks to the bumper design, your Galaxy Z Fold 2 won't incur any unnecessary bulk - helping to keep your Z Fold 2 5G as slim and light as it was originally designed to never be worried about accidentally dropping your phone again. With the textured, tactile surface on the Official Samsung protective cover providing extra grip, you can be sure your phone will remain in your hand while you're texting, streaming video, calling friends and family, and much more.
This is an official Samsung product, so is made to the highest standards with the best quality materials. It is designed specifically for use with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, so offers a perfect fit and does not impede the use of any of the functions such as the power and volume buttons, headphone and charging ports, or front and rear cameras.
The case also features cut-outs for the ports and features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, including the dock connector and camera. Watch media or surf the internet with more convenience than ever, just simply extend the kickstand out of the back of the case and rest it on a flat surface.
This case fully supports Qi wireless charging, allowing your Qi-enabled smartphone to work with the many docks and accessories available that support this feature. So, even with the case on - your phone can charge wirelessly with the appropriate Qi compatible accessory.

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