Just Wireless 2 in 1 Apple & Micro USB Charging Charging Cable

Ideal for travel, the 2-in-1 Charging cable supports the charging of several devices on the go. Compatible with Apple Lightning, Micro USB supporting Apple, Samsung and Sony devices.
  • Mobile Fun ID 73284
  • Brand Just Wireless
  • Just Wireless
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Why Buy?

  • Certified Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • 2 metre cable length with flat cable design
  • Compatible with all Apple and Micro USB devices
  • Enables syncing of photos, apps, movies, music and more
  • Soft touch finish for a premium quality feel
  • Compatible with Apple Lightning and Micro USB

Charge your Apple Lightning and Micro USB devices

Designed to be the only cable that you will ever need - this 2-in-1 cable features Apple Lightning and Micro USB connectors - designed to charge any device which uses any of these adapters.

With more and more devices using Micro USB charging adaptors, this cable is also designed to be future proof - so you won't need to keep purchasing new cables to match your numerous devices.

Provides quick and easy charging of a wide range of devices

Quickly and easily charge your mobile devices with the 2-in-1 cable

Designed to give you complete freedom, the 2-in-1 cable allows you to charge all of your devices without having to carry around different cables with you all the time.  

This is the perfect solution for on-the-go lifestyles and multiple device owners.        

Simultaneous charging - charge all devices at once

With this 2-in-1 Charging cable you can charge all of your devices at the same time, using just one USB cable.    

2 metre in length

Getting your cable to connect behind sofas, under desks and near plug sockets can be difficult without the correct length. 2 metre is just the right amount to connect to those hard to reach locations, but short enough to carry it when on the move.

Key Details

Part No 4031
UPC 5025744250646
Colour White

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