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Reviews for iMusic Pillow Speaker

The iMusic Pillow speaker allows you to listen to your music from your smartphone or mp3 player in bed without disturbing those around you. Using adapted headphone technology, the sound transmits through the pillow at a comfortable listening level.
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The iMusic Pillow speaker allows you to listen to your music from your smartphone or mp3 player in bed without disturbing those around you. Using adapted headphone technology, the sound transmits through the pillow at a comfortable listening level.
 4.3 stars from 114 customers

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im sorry
but i haven't recieved my iphone yet I'm still waiting to try my products

I'm getting my iPhone funded i need it for my communication device because i can't talk verbally from a car accident i have a speech impairment/trouble talking
It's okay
The pillow is okay, I thought it might have been louder however my brother has been using it and appears to enjoy it.
Ordered 2 but only 1 came. Customer team sorted it within minutes and dispatched the missing one .
Kids love them
Exactly what you’d except
This product match the exact description given
The pillow is comfy as well
Admittedly you have to find the best place for your head to get the best out of the speaker but once you get comfy it works well. I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable the pillow was.
Speaker pillow
I would like to say my husband loves the pillow.
Pillow Speaker
The pillow was fine but the speaker was complete garbage.
Great product.
Great when trying to fall asleep as nothing in or on ears. Works better with music, but sometimes struggle with audio book.
Not great sound and 5 month delay
I bought this because I have an older one that I love and have loved for years and I was wanting to replace it as the pillow has flattened. Unfortunately the sound on the new one is very tinny. It sounds a bit like it's echoing out of a tin can. My old one has very true sound with both music and audible books. Also, after ordering and paying, the item went out of stock and took about 5 months to receive. I will keep it as an emergency back up, unless I can find a better model.
Not loud enough
Can hardly hear - not loud enough
but pillow is soft
Great idea & comfy pillow, but can be a bit fiddly to get the best listening position
That the speaker is mobile within the pillow and required the device to be on max volume to hear through the filling.
The only thing that sucked was it took a few weeks to come in mail...didn't realize it was coming from over seas until I got a 52 cent charge on my bank statement...bought the pillow for my niece and she LOVES so it made it worth the wait
Great customer service
Great customer service, the pillows did come so they re-sent it in time for Christmas! Fantastic!
Can't hear it!
That you can actually hear the sound. Stained every which way to hear it. Very disappointing! Waste of money.
Not worth it!
the speaker is wandering in the pillow and you have to always look for it and move in order to hear anything. Not worth the money.
I bought this pillow as a gift for my husband and he loves it. Comfy and great sound comes from it. Recommend.
Garbage, Bad Purchase
iMUSIC Pillow Speaker is garbage. Cheaply made and you can’t even hear the speaker inside. What a waste of money and a joke
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mike

Sounds like it might be faulty. Can you contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Good pillow
Volume is very good. Pillow is comfortable. One suggestion I have is that the cable be one of those spiral telephone type cables that would allow it to stretch much longer but not get in the way.
Awesome idea, Awful execution
Got this as a Christmas gift for my daughter and so disappointed. Used it once and it was great. Then when used a 2nd time it sounds terrible! The speaker is playing complete static with a tiny hint of the music. Such a great idea, now the worst twenty something dollars spent.
Not for Teens
The pillow works, but it is not loud enough for my 15 year old son, the cord is far too short and the pillow is thin.
Good quality
It’s great
The product was exactly as stated
The product was exactly as stated. The service of MobileZap was excellent. I am very happy with the pillow and it does what I want. I would recommend this to anyone.
love it
Great product..its exactly what I was looking for . my daughter simple loves it works great
For Me - Brilliant
iMusic Pillow Speaker was purchased to assist with Tinnitus. Downloaded the music/sounds I wanted to the iPhone, and when the noises get too loud, this pillow does the trick. No headphones, comfortable to rest the head, the lead is just long enough but the iPhone is on the mattress at the side of the pillow. Plenty of charge on the phone even after a full night... Thank you MobileZap.
Thumbs up
Product was not exactly what I was expecting but it is definitely worth the price I payed. Great gift for any music lover, would definitely purchase another one in the future.
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