DiCAPac Action Floating Selfie Stick with Waterproof Bluetooth Remote

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Take the perfect selfie, even in water! The 100% waterproof DiCAPac Action selfie stick floats too so you'll never lose it. Perfect for photo opportunities on your outdoor adventures.
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  • Brand DiCAPac
  • DiCAPac
Discontinued  - not available for purchase
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Why Buy?

  • Capture the perfect selfie
  • Bluetooth 4.0 remote control to capture an image
  • It floats!
  • 360 Degree rotation
  • Compatible with Android 4.3, iOS 4.0 or later

Capture the perfect selfie

Taking the perfect selfie isn't as easy as it would seem, even less so when you're doing outdoor activities and water sports. Our arms are only so long, which means you can miss out on not just the surroundings, but even the people you wish to feature. Thankfully, we now have a method of capturing the perfect selfie, ensuring 'everything' and more importantly 'everyone' is within the photo for all of you to enjoy that special once in a lifetime moment.

No need to strain when stretching your arms, simply secure your phone in the DiCAPac Action Waterproof case (sold separately) and expand the Selfie Stick to suit. With your shot positioned exactly how you want it, you are ready to take advantage of the Selfie Stick's next feature...

DiCAPac Action Floating Selfie Stick with Water Proof Bluetooth Remote

Bluetooth 4.0 remote control to capture an image

With your phone positioned further away, you need a straightforward method of telling the software to take the image without having to stretch needlessly into the distance to reach your device's screen. The DiCAPac Selfie Stick features Bluetooth technology, allowing you to do just that, so you can press the built-in button positioned on snap-on remote control to capture the photo.

You can also use the button to capture video as well!

DiCAPac Action Floating Selfie Stick with Water Proof Bluetooth Remote

Retractable pole for portability

You can't carry a pole around with you all day... or can you? Well actually, yes you can thanks to the Selfie Stick's retractable design. Extend or retract the pole to suit, making it the perfect accessory to carry around with you for when the perfect selfie opportunity arises.

The Selfie Stick extends to 835mm for capturing photos and retracts to 235mm for easy portability.

It floats!

If you happen to lose hold of your Selfie Stick in the water? No problem, it floats! Thanks to the super lightweight construction, the stick is buoyant. And so will you be when you see it floating on the water instead of plunging to the depths. So go ahead and snap away with confidence while snorkeling or swimming.

DiCAPac Action Floating Selfie Stick with Water Proof Bluetooth Remote

360 Degree rotation

For ease of use and convenience, you can rotate the mounting in 360 degrees.

DiCAPac Action Floating Selfie Stick with Water Proof Bluetooth Remote

Compatible with Android and iOS

Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, the Selfie Smart Pole is the ideal companion for your selfie photography needs. As long as you have Android 4.3 / iOS 4.0 or later installed on your smartphone, you can use the shutter button to trigger the capture of photos and video.

Please Note: Requires an App to use. Make sure your smartphone has bluetooth selected on. If you use Android 4.3 on your smartphone, the app ‘Xelfie’ or ‘XSC100′ is recommended by the manufacturer.



  • Max load capacity: 2000g (2kg)
  • Length of extension: 235-835mm
  • Main material: Aluminium Alloy, Foam and ABS
  • Net weight: 100g (0.1kg)

What's in the box?

  • Selfie Stick
  • Camera Mount
  • Action Mount
  • Bluetooth Remote control

Key Details

Part No DP-1S
UPC 8809176630552
Colour Black

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