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Arcade PICO Pocket Drone with LED Lights & Carrying Controller Case

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
One of the world's smallest drones in its class, the PICO from Arcade boasts east to use and highly responsive controls, a robust construction, LED lights for night flights and a convenient carry case controller.
  • Mobile Fun ID 57831
  • Brand Arcade
  • Arcade
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Discontinued  - not available for purchase We are sorry, but this item is no longer available for sale. Please make sure you explore our impressive range on Mobile Fun to find an alternative that will suit your requirements. You can also contact our Customer Services team for help in finding a suitable item.


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Why Buy?

  • Nano drone delivers exceptional flights anywhere
  • Easy to use control system for intuitive flying and stunts
  • Gyro stabilisers
  • 6-Axis movement and full 360° eversion
  • 25m Range - Perfect for indoors or in the garden
  • Robust design and manufacture withstands bumps and knocks

BuzzBee Nano Drone - The World's Smallest Quadcopter

Nano drone delivers exceptional flights anywhere

There are lots of drones on the market now. Some soar to the heavens and are the size of a small aircraft, some carry cameras that can see for miles, some are used by police and the military to protect us and some are just there for the sake of it. But this fella can claim something truly marvelous...

BuzzBee Nano Drone - The World's Smallest Quadcopter    BuzzBee Nano Drone - The World's Smallest Quadcopter

Arcade's PICO Drone has the honour of being one of the smallest Quadcopter drone in the world. This means you can use it easily indoors or outdoors (with caution), you can fit him in your pocket or bag and you can let the little fellas take a turn too. PICO is very unlikely to fly through somebodies windows or damage your property, or that of your neighbours for that matter. The only thing that needs to fear PICO is boredom... and perhaps small insects. 

Weighing a feather-like 7g and measuring just 30mm across (yes, that's right), BuzzBee gives you the ability to enjoy drone flight on a miniature scale.

Easy to use control system for intuitive flying and stunts

The PICO Nano Drone 6-Axis Quadcopter is very small, ultra-light and amazing fun to use. The Arcade PICO Drone can seriously shift and once you have gained mastery of the flight controls, you'll rarely have had more fun. Perform stunts with 360 degree flips, negotiate your own obstacle course and even race or have mock dogfights against a friend with another PICO. The included remote controller is designed to carry PICO safe and sound in its own purpose-made hangar.

BuzzBee Nano Drone - The World's Smallest Quadcopter    BuzzBee Nano Drone - The World's Smallest Quadcopter

Its ultra-compact and extreme light-weight design, combined with the power of its 4 rotors, allows the Quadcopter to fly at high speeds and perform high-precision acrobatics, including tight 360 flips that would wouldn't be out of place at an airshow!

Gyro stabilisers

Be confident in the six gyro stabilisers that give you maximum stability - completely wind-resistant, there is nothing that can hold you back. This state of the art technology revolutionises the stability you can have with such lightweight drones.

LED flashing lights for amazing low light visuals

If having such fantastic fun at your fingertips wasn't enough, this drone also features amazing LED lights that look awesome in low light conditions - like twilight, night time, or just in your lounge with the curtains drawn. Or you can make your neighbours believe there is an alien invasion. The possibilities are endless!

Arcade PICO Pocket Drone with LED Lights & Carrying Controller Case

6-Axis movement and full 360° eversion

The Arcade PICO Drone Quadcopter has 4 channels with 6-Axis movement, so you can fly up, down, forwards, backwards, a left to right turn, and a left to right side flight. Thanks to the design of the Quadcopter you have the ability to fly and make full 360° movements. Go easy on the the sticks and you can perform subtle turns, pitches and corrections. Go hard and you can pull some gravity defying aerobatics! Capable of extreme precision, Arcade PICO has 3 levels of sensitivity alongside a 6-Axis flight control system and auto-adjustable gyro sensitivity. Able to perform flips, spins, and stunning aerial dives with ease, this little drone can nip in and out of the narrowest of nooks.

25m Range - Perfect for indoors or in the garden

With an operational range of 25 meters, this little drone is perfect for indoors, the office or even in the garden. Outdoor use caution due to weather conditions - well, you wouldn't want PICO to blow away would you? A full charge gives you 5-8 minutes flight time and charging easy and fast with the included USB charging cable.

Pocket-friendly carrying case

The Arcade PICO Drone is extremely portable, its miniature size and convenient carrying case makes transporting this amazingly fun drone easy thanks to its pocket-friendly nature.

Arcade PICO Pocket Drone with LED Lights & Carrying Controller Case


  • Channels: 4
  • Gyro: 6-axis
  • Flight time: 5-8 minutes
  • Charging time: 20-30 minutes
  • Remote control distance: 25 metres
  • Controller batteries: 2x AAA (not included)

Key Details

Part No PICO
UPC 5030578651224
Colour Blue, White

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